Kitchen Design North Fitzroy

Kitchen Design for George in North Fitzroy

I would like to rave about the fabulous new kitchen Patricia has bought into my life….

From the initial planning and briefing sessions, I immediately felt like the kitchen was all mine. This involvement was carried through the complete design process, material selection, and through to the build. It felt like there was a ‘kitchen goddess’ overseeing the project… and now I get the reoccurring comment…. “This kitchen is so you…”

The kitchen is striking, looks incredible and its the first thing everyone comments on when they walk into the room. Apart from looking fantastic and meeting all my requirements, it is the most practical kitchen I have ever cooked in. I can honestly say that I have cooked more in the last six months than I did in the previous 8 years (old kitchen).

The design enables me to prepare, cook/monitor and clean up in the most efficient way possible. When cooking, all I need is directly around me, and cleaning up is quick and easy, especially the loading and unloading of the dishwasher which is seamless, almost poetic.

I would like to thank Patricia for changing my life and re-igniting my desire to cook and eat well.

Its the best investment I have made.