Kitchen Design Princess Hill

Kitchen Design for Steve and Wendy in Princess Hill

Initially we chose OutsideInside as our Kitchen/Bathroom designer because we liked the calm and easy going style of Trish La Torre. Her knowledge of the latest and practical design elements available opened our eyes to so many new ideas that we could never have thought ourselves. Throughout the entire process Trish listened very closely to .01 we wanted and either delivered accordingly or came up with ideas that were far better. We love our kitchen, not only for the looks, but all the small things she included that we knew nothing about. Some minor examples include (although very important on a day to day basis), self closing drawers, double sliding cutlery holders, extra hidden floor level drawers for storage and positioning of the rubbish bins in the perfect place for food preparation.

Initially I was against using a consultant for this part of our renovations as I expected the cost to be prohibitive however I soon realised that not only were the costs very reasonable, she saved us so much time and worry, that it was more than worth the initial costs. In many cases she saved us money by knowing the best places to get value for money.

Trish gave advice on many other matters which were outside her brief, like .ere to go to choose a splash-back, what sort of appliances to choose and why, and what interior wall colors to use throughout the entire house. Her choice of wall colors has been an outstanding feature of the house as expressed by many friends upon their first visit.

Overall we could not have been more pleased with the service, dedication and manner in which Trish has assisted us. She has a great sense of humour and such an easy-going style. Nothing seems too difficult for her, and she appears to really enjoy her work and make us feel proud of our decisions. It would be very hard to understand how anyone would not select her once they had sat down and listened to her ideas.